I am a Clinical Psychologist in Washington, DC. I provide support for preschoolers and their families as they tackle both common and complex parenting challenges.

I enjoy working with families of children who are growing along a wide range of developmental trajectories, and with families formed in a variety of ways including through adoption, foster care, and kinship care, as well as with multiracial and LGBTQ families.

Some of the issues I help families navigate include sleep challenges; aggression and dysregulation in child-care and pre-school settings; fears and anxieties; conflict with siblings; and difficulties in attachment.

I also help families identify professionals from other disciplines who may be helpful as parents are developing an understanding of their child’s needs and strengths. I frequently work with families who are in the process of clarifying the impact of health challenges (including diet and gut health), developmental issues (genetic conditions, fine and gross motor delays, sensory integration needs), and challenging experiences (NICU stays, time in foster care or institutional settings, illness, medical treatment, accidents) on their child’s emotional experience and behavioral functioning. I value close collaboration with the many people involved in a child’s life, including teachers; physical, occupational, and speech therapists; early intervention providers; nutritionists; and other medical providers.

Clinical Experience & Educational Background

Certification in Traumatic Stress Studies, The Trauma Center at JRI, Brookline, MA

Postdoctoral Fellowship, Specialization in Neurodevelopmental Assessment, Children’s National Medical Center, Child Development Program

PhD in Clinical Psychology, Specialization in Children, Families & Cultures, Catholic University

  • Doctoral Research: Cognitive and executive functioning in young children following traumatic brain injury in infancy.
  • Masters Level Research: Face processing in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Pre-Doctoral Residency, Specialization in Trauma Treatment & Mood Disorders, University of Maryland School of Medicine: Taghi Modaressi Center for Infant Studies & Outpatient Psychiatry Department

Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND) Fellow, Children’s National Medical Center

MA in Special Education & Learning Disabilities, American University/The Lab School of Washington

AB in Psychology, Bryn Mawr College


Please feel free to get in touch with me by e-mail at contact@mayacolemanphd.com to talk about how I can be helpful to you and your family.

Maya Coleman, PhD PLLC

Office: 3711 Macomb Street, NW Suite 2 Washington, DC 20016

Mailing Address: 1867 Ingleside Terrace, NW Washington, DC 20010