Is your preschooler struggling with emotional regulation or aggression in the classroom?

Are you concerned about the frequency or intensity of tantrums or emotional episodes at home?

Is your family having trouble with sleep?

I specialize in supporting preschoolers and their families with just these kinds of difficulties and I would be happy to meet with you to talk about how I might be helpful to your family.

I see parents and children together to teach concrete, effective, and efficient parenting tools that strengthen the parent-child relationship while addressing high emotions and challenging behaviors in a way that promotes connection, co-regulation, and cooperation. I work closely with children’s preschool teachers and daycare providers to build strong support in those contexts as well.

I have a somewhat unique background in the evaluation and treatment of trauma in very young children, including a particular specialization in working with children who have a history of peri-natal difficulties, a NICU stay, or early medical treatment. I work with parents to help their child heal from the residue of these adverse early experiences in the context of the parent-child relationship.

I also have strong collaborative relationships with many other excellent providers, including neuropsychologists, school psychologists, physical/occupational/language therapists, and nutritionists, and I can help you gather together an outstanding team of people to support your child.

Please feel free to get in touch with me at to talk about how I might be helpful to you and your family.

Maya Coleman, PhD

Office: 3711 Macomb Street, NW Suite 2 Washington, DC 20016

Mailing Address: 1867 Ingleside Terrace, NW Washington, DC 20010